Photo of the Week

I recently went back into the archives and found a bunch of photos from 2013 that hadn't been processed yet. I'm using them as the basis for a "photo of the week" challenge to myself. Each week, I'll post in the "Favorites" section a new photo. Some (hopefully most) will be shot during the week in question, or there abouts. Some will be from the archives. I've backdated one per week for 2014, and there's a new one today!

Horse Portraits

I love taking portraits of animals. So when a friend asked for pictures of her and others' horses, I was eager to shoot!

Wolf Ridge Farms

A friend asked me to take a few photos of her horse this summer, and let me wander the Wolf Ridge Farms stable and training site as a bonus. A beautiful day to see the operation. More in the Wolf Ridge Farm project.

New Photo Project

I'm starting a new photo project, collected on the Projects page, called Work Poems  So far, it's seeded with a few from the archive, but I'll be developing out the theme in the coming months. Enjoy!

A Lot of New Content

While updating the site, I've posted quite a bit of new content. Instead of highlighting individual photos or essay groups from the archive, check out the Photos link. Going forward I'll put up a few at a time.